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TM1 Function for TI – ​​​​​​​​​​​​​PublishView 

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PublishView publishes a private cube view for everyone to access.



CubeName = Name of the parent cube of the view to be published.

ViewName = Name of the view to be published.

PublishPrivateSubsets = Boolean value to publish or not view private subsets.

  • A view cannot be published if any of its subsets are private. If the function is used with this parameter set to 0 and there is a private subset onthe view, TM1 will return an error
  • If any subset on the view has a user-defined consolidation (private roll-up), is not possible to publish the view, therefore the TM1 will return anerror, no matter the parameter value

OverwriteExistingView = Boolean value that determines if the private view should overwrite an existing view with the same name when published. If the value is set to 0 and there is a public view with the same name as the view to be published, TM1 will return an error.

Video Demo

Use PublishView to publish the Finance view from the Employee cube.