TM1 Function for TI, RunProcess

Run multiple processes in parallel.

What is the RunProcess function?

RunProcess can run multiple processes in parallel. This function can speed up data loads and other processes by dividing work into multiple parts. Each process thread is managed by TM1 Server. 

Where can the RunProcess function be used?


What is the syntax for RunProcess?

RunProcess(ProcessName, [ParamName1, ParamValue1, ParamName2, ParamValue2]);

ProcessName = Name of the process that we want to execute.   ​
ParamName1 = Parameter name.​
ParamValue1  = Parameter1 value. ​
ParamName2 = Parameter2 name.​
ParamValue2  = Parameter2 value. 

A demonstration on how to use RunProcess

Use RunProcess to execute the same process, RunProcess_Test, multiple times in parallel with a different year.