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TM1 Function for TI – ​​​​​​​​​​​​​SecurityOverlayCreateGlobalDefault

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SecurityOverlayCreateGlobalDefault creates Security Overlay cube for a specific cube with a dimension map based on the dimension order in the cube. Security Overlay cube is used to lock and unlock specific intersections at cell level according to the combination of dimension elements assigned.


SecurityOverlayCreateGlobalDefault (CubeNameDimensionMap)

CubeName = cube for security overlay setting

DimensionMap = dimension order in the cube to be included and excluded in the security overlay with string ‘1’ to include and ‘0’ to exclude.

Video Demo

Create Security Overlay for ‘Sales Quota’ cube (}SecurityOvelayGlobal_Sales Quota) is created with ‘Scenario’ and ‘Year’ dimensions to be included and the other dimensions are excluded.