TM1 Function for TI, ​ServerActiveSandboxGet

Returns the name of the active sandbox for the user.

What is the ServerActiveSandboxGet function?

​ServerActiveSandboxGet returns the name of the active sandbox for the user. If no sandbox is set as active, the function returns a blank string. 

Where can the ServerActiveSandboxGet function be used?


Which TM1 Server version is this function available for?

Version 11 and 12

What is the syntax for ServerActiveSandboxGet?


Note A: As chores run in a special user context, so TM1 will always return a blank string when this function is executed by a chore.​

Note B: Sandboxes are a private space for users to work and insert values. These values are stored separated from the TM1 database.

A demonstration on how to use ServerActiveSandboxGet

Use the ServerActiveSandboxGet to get the active sandbox name for the user.