TM1 Function for TI, ​ServerActiveSandboxSet

Sets an existing sandbox as active for the user.

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ServerActiveSandboxSet sets an existing sandbox as active for the user.



SandboxName = Name of the sandbox to be set as active for the user. If blank, TM1 clears the active sandbox, returning the user to the TM1 database. If the sandbox does not exist, TM1 will return an error.

Note A: As chores run in a special user context, so TM1 will always return an error when this function is executed by a chore.

Note B: Sandboxes are a private space for users to work and insert values. These values are stored separated from the TM1 database.

Note C: For using the values of an Active Sandbox during the TI execution, you can use the function SetUseActiveSandboxProperty(PropertyValue) with 1 as parameter.

Note D: A subset will continue ‘active’ after the process execution.

Video Demo

Use the ServerActiveSandboxSet to set an active sandbox for the user.