TM1 Function for TI, ​ServerSandboxGet

Returns the name of a user sandbox using an index.

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ServerSandboxGet returns the name of a user sandbox using an index.


ServerSandboxGet(Index, UserName);

Index = Index of the sandbox to have the name retrieved. The index is a contiguous number. If one sandbox is deleted, the following sandboxes will have their Index changed, that also means that the first iteration to return a blank value can be used to stop the iteration.

UserName = Optional parameter with the name of a user to check if the sandbox exists. If omitted, TM1 will check the user who is running the process. This parameter only works if an Admin, DataAdmin or the given user is running the process, if not, TM1 will return an error.

Video Demo

Use ServerSandboxGet to return the 3rd sandbox for the user running the process.