TM1 Function for TI, ViewColumnDimensionSet

Sets the dimension in a column position for a cube view.

What is the ViewColumnDimensionSet function?

ViewColumnDimensionSetĀ sets the dimension in a column position for a cube view.Ā 

Where can the ViewColumnDimensionSet function be used?


What is the syntax for ViewColumnDimensionSet?

ViewColumnDimensionSet(CubeName,Ā ViewName,Ā DimName,Ā StackPosition)ā€‹;

ā€‹CubeNameĀ = Cube Nameā€‹
ViewNameĀ = View Nameā€‹
DimNameĀ = Dimension Nameā€‹
Stack Position = A number that points the stack position of the dimension in the view. 1 indicates the top-most stack position. 2 indicates aĀ position below 1, etc

A demonstration on how to use ViewColumnDimensionSet

UseĀ ViewColumnDimensionSetĀ to set the dimensionĀ YearĀ in the column position for theĀ defaultĀ view as the top-most stackedĀ position.