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TM1 Function – SUBNM

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SUBNM returns an element from a dimension set. If the optional alias parameter is included, the function returns the alias for the element. The formula transforms the cell into a drop-down and can open to the set editor by double-clicking on the cell.


SUBNM(TM1ServerName:Dimension, Set, Element Name or Index, [Alias])

TM1ServerName = Name of the TM1 Server
Dimension = Name of the Dimension
Set = The name of the set
Element Name or Index = The name or index of the element
Alias = The alias name of the element (OPTIONAL)


Set up two cells to get the elements Bike Racks and Mountain Bikes from the Product Type dimension. Demonstrate the drop-down feature and ability to open the set editor.

This is the Accessories set from the Product Type dimension.

In Excel:

SUBNM(“AdventureWorks:Product Type”, “Accessories”, “Bike Racks”) returns Bike Racks.

The cell is also a drop-down.

Let’s get the other set, Bikes.

In Excel:

SUBNM(“AdventureWorks:Product Type”, “Bikes”, “Mountain Bikes”) returns Mountain Bikes. 

Video Demo