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TM1 Function – TM1INFO

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Return information on the TM1 client.

This function is valid only in Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel and in Planning Analytics websheets. It is not supported in IBM® TM1® Perspectives.


TM1INFO(“Property Name”)

Property Name can be one of the following:

  • clientversion – Returns full client version number
  • clientversionmajor – Returns the major client version number
  • clientversionminor – returns the minor client version number
  • clientversionpatch – Returns the fix pack and hotfix number
  • client – Returns the name of the client, Example, cor or websheet

Use the property names defined above with TM1INFO to get information about the TM1 client.

In Excel:

TM1INFO(A2) returns 11.0.00200

e.g. TM1INFO(“clientversion”)

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