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TM1 Function – TM1RPTELLEV

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TM1RPTELLEV returns an element’s level relative to the root in the subset.

Used for Dynamic Reports (Active Form).


TM1RPTELLEV(RptRowFormula, Element)

RptRowFormula = an absolute reference to the formula TM1RPTROW, a dynamic Report function
Element = an element returned from TM1RPTROW


Determine the level for each element on the row set from this Dynamic Report.

When the format area is exposed in the Dynamic Report, TM1RPTELLEV is used in Column A to determine the element’s level relative to the highest element in the consolidation. This is used to control the row’s format.

Let’s return the element’s level for All Products by Category.

TM1RPTELLEV($B$21, B21) returns 0

e.g. TM1RPTELLEV($B$21, “All Products by Category”)

Let’s get the result for each row.

Video Demo