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TM1RPTFILTER is used to apply a filter to the Dynamic report to sort the row based on a column.

Used for Dynamic Reports (Active Form).


TM1RPTFILTER(TM1RptView, Tuple, FilterFunction, FilterValue, SortOrder)

TM1RptView = reference to the TM1RPTVIEW function from a Dynamic Report
Tuple = the column to filter
FilterFunction = one of these functions: TopCount, BottomCount, TopPercent, BottomPercent, TopSum, BottomSum or leave empty for all
FilterValue = a numerical value (OPTIONAL)
SortOrder = one of these orders: asc (ascending), desc (descending)


Using this Dynamic Report, sort the values in descending order for Q1 from the Quarter dimension.

Show all format areas to find where TM1RPTVIEW is used.

Add TM1RPTFILTER to an empty cell and populate these parameters.

TM1RptView (SAFID) = the name ranged or it could have been B12
FilterTuple (SFilterTuple) = “[Quarter].[Q1]”
SortOrder (SSorting) = desc

Rows are now sorted in descending order.

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