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TM1 Function – TM1RPTTITLE

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TM1RPTTITLE is used to the title dimension in a Dynamic Report. TM1RptTitle is used in conjunction with TM1RptView.

Used for Dynamic Reports (Active Form).


TM1RPTTITLE(TM1ServerName:Dimension, Element)

TM1ServerName = Name of the TM1 server
Dimension = Name of the Dimension
Element = a cell reference to an element that exists in the Dimension. The reference must be to a SUBNM.


Show where TM1RPTTITLE is used in a Dynamic Report.

Here is a Dynamic Report from the Product Scorecard cube.

The TM1RPTVIEW function contains TM1RPTTITLE that refers to all the title elements used in the Dynamic report.

Title elements.

Video Demo