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TM1 Function – TM1RPTVIEW

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TM1RPTVIEW controls the definition of the report like zero suppression and the format area.

Used for Dynamic Reports (Active Form).


TM1RPTVIEW(ViewID, ZeroSuppression, TM1RptTitle1, TM1RptTitleN, TM1RptFmtRng, TM1RptFmtIDCol)

ViewID = a ID that uniquely identifies the Dynamic report. The format is TM1ServerName:Cube:UniqueID
ZeroSuppression = controls row zero suppression. 1 to suppress, 0 to un-suppress
TM1RptTitle = TM1RptTitle function per title dimension.
TM1RptFmtRngUniqueID = Dynamic report format area
TM1RptFmtIDColUniqueID = ID of each row for the Dynamic Report format area


In a Dynamic Report, change TM1RPTVIEW to suppress and un-suppress zeros on the row set.

Here is a Dynamic Report from the Product Scorecard cube.

Open all format areas access the TM1RPTVIEW formula.

To change zero suppression, use BZeroSupression.

Change BZeroSupression to 0.

Rebuild the Dynamic Report and rows with zero will be unsupressed.

Video Demo