Developer Toolkit

Encompasses four training courses to get you off the ground to be a TM1 Developer.

Prerequisites: End User (Excel)

Difficulty: Intermediate

Developer Fundamentals

  • Learn to develop Cubes
  • Learn to develop Dimensions
  • Learn to write Rules for business logic
  • Learn to use TurboIntegrator to import from a database
  • Learn how to configure security

Advanced Rules

  • Learn Rules fundamentals
  • Learn how to write Feeders
  • Learn how to write complex rules using mathematical operators and functions
  • Learn how to write multi-cube references

Advanced TurboIntegrator

  • Learn TurboIntegrator programming principles
  • Learn how to work with with data sources
  • Learn how to implement parameters to control TurboIntegrator code
  • Learn how to maintain dimension structure
  • Learn how to debug code
  • Learn modular coding using Bedrock for TM1

Advanced Reporting (Excel)

  • Learn how to build static Excel reports
  • Learn how to build dynamic Excel reports
  • Learn to write MDX Expressions
  • Learn how to take advantage of dynamic formatting
  • Learn how to use charts in reports
  • Learn how to use Action Buttons

Choose from Perspectives or Planning Analytics for Excel

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