End User Toolkit

Encompasses two courses to get you off the ground to be a proficient End User. Choose to learn either Perspectives or Planning Analytics for Excel.

Prerequisites: No Prerequisites
Difficulty: Beginner

The End User Toolkit includes these two courses:

End User (Excel)

  • Learn how to get around the interface
  • Learn how to explore and analyse data
  • Learn how to use the subsets for exploration
  • Learn how to create Excel reports
  • Learn how to use data spreading for planning
  • Learn how to use sandbox for planning
  • Learn to use TM1 on the web with TM1Web

Advanced Reporting (Excel)

  • Learn how to build static Excel reports
  • Learn how to build dynamic Excel reports
  • Learn to write MDX Expressions
  • Learn how to take advantage of dynamic formatting
  • Learn how to use charts in reports
  • Learn how to use Action Buttons

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