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To target an area you want to strengthen your knowledge on

We have consultants all over the world

Cubewise has over 20 offices globally spread across Australia, Asia, Europe, North America and Africa, spanning all time zones.

Whether you need a native speaker in German, Russian or Mandarin, we’ll find the right consultant for your business needs.

Our passion is in IBM Planning Analytics/TM1

Cubewise has been a top international partner with IBM for TM1 ever since it was acquired in 2008. Our dedication to TM1 has led us to contribute our expertise to the TM1-community by developing products that compliment developers, end-users and administrators with tools like Bedrock, Pulse, Arc, Apliqo UX and TM1py.

We are also experts in

IBM Cognos Analytics, IBM SPSS, Certent Disclosure Management (CDM).

Your mentoring session would cover topics chosen by you

Our mentor would leverage their real-world expertise to create a dedicated masterclass for you, to ensure you get your light bulb moment. We will also find areas where your knowledge is missing to help set your path to be an expert.

Some popular topics include:
– Workshopping a TI or Rules-based feature on your model
– Deep-dive session into Bedrock
– High-level model review
– Personalised class on a specific area such as feeders, TM1py or PAW

How does it work?

The minimum number of sessions you can purchase is two, 2-hour sessions. Tell us the topic you would like to cover and we will assign an experienced consultant.

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