Web Application Developer Toolkit

Prerequisites: Sets the foundation for Canvas for TM1.

Difficulty: Intermediate

The Web Application Developer Toolkit encompasses two courses to get you off the ground. Those two courses are:

Canvas for TM1 (Fundamentals)
– Learn about the relationship between Canvas and REST API
– Learn how to build dashboards
– Learn how to build data entry templates
– Learn how to build charts

Canvas for TM1 (Developer)
– Learn about Canvas’ architecture
– Learn report layout tips and tricks
– Learn dynamic pages with Angular

This training course is available as self-paced:


How it is taught

Self taught with 1-hour
of mentoring per course


7 Days per course


Start on any date

Tools Provided

Printed Material and
Training Server

Learning Style

Fit in learning with work.
Learn anywhere and anytime.

Stay in the loop

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