Cubewise EDU's October Newsletter

Check out what's happening in the world of IBM Planning Analytics, and harness our focus and enthusiasm to your benefit in one or more ways!

Horizon, the biggest knowledge-sharing event dedicated to IBM PA/TM1 is 2 weeks away!!!
24 hours of knowledge sharing from experts all over the world 🌏

Register for your Horizon Online Pass to gain:

– Access to over 35 hours of confirmed presentations
– Access to re-watch recorded sessions
– Access to the Video Hub, which has hundreds of presentations presented by experts, consultants, customers and IBM from prior events 

We are complementing Horizon with in-person events in Melbourne and Sydney.

– Deep dive into topics from Horizon in an intimate setting
– Workshop topics you want to know more about
– Gain hands-on experience in mini-training sessions to learn about a product
– Network with your peers
– Special Keynote
– Includes a Horizon Online Pass!

Save the date!

Horizon, Tue 18th October at 9:00am AEDT
Horizon Sydney, Tue 25th October at 9:00am
Horizon Melbourne, Thu 27th October at 9:00am

Head over to our website to find out more information and register your attendance.

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Does your TM1 environment have multiple TM1 servers?

Would you like to learn how to synchronize data and metadata between multiple TM1 instances?

Shane Bethea, Cubewise Consultant from Atlanta, USA will be giving a presentation on just that!
Check out this video for a quick insight into what’s to come.

We decided to go for it! After talking about it theoretically for a while, we decided to just do it because why not? So get ready for the FIRST EVER TM1 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP.

This will be held as part of the Horizon Sydney event on October 25 at Luna Park, Sydney Australia. It will consist of three rounds held throughout the day, culminating in a three-person finals that will decide the first ever TM1 World Champion.

Are we serious? Yes! We are doing this! Are we taking it seriously? Well, it is a legitimate event and the winner will need to have legitimate TM1 skills and experience, but we certainly will have a lot of fun doing it and so there will definitely be a fun atmosphere on the day.

So in order to compete or watch, you will need to be there in-person and live on the day – any non-Cubewiser there will be eligible to win!

If you are a TM1 enthusiast you have nothing to lose! Not in Sydney on October 25? It is a great excuse to come visit one of the best cities in the world!

If you aren’t registered for the event yet – just go here.
Reach out to us at if you have any questions.
Classes run bi-monthly in Australia and every quarter in Europe. 

Next online classroom commences on 13th October, in the European time zone.

Oct 13 – End User (PA for Excel)
Oct 14 –  Developer Fundamentals 
Oct 19 –  Advanced Rules
Oct 20 –  Advanced TurboIntegrator
Oct 21 –  Advanced Reporting (Perspectives)/(PA for Excel)
Oct 25 –  Advanced MDX
Oct 26 –  Pulse Fundamentals

Looking to upskill in more than one course? Join the Power User Membership and gain access to ALL our courses!

Email for more information.
“This training has exceeded my expectation, I knew nothing at all about tm1py and by the end of 4 sessions. I was able to download TM1py, connect to TM1, load data, run a TI process, and add a new element plus the attribute using TM1py script!

So happy that I registered for this course. Marius Wirtz is really the best TM1py trainer, he always makes sure that all the participants have time to ask questions, and if we are stuck or get an error, he will help us to tackle it during the training session.

I would highly recommend anyone who wants to learn TM1py from the beginning to join this course!


Thanks again to the Cubewise training team for organising this.”

Ivonne Wijaya, Group Management Accountant at GHD

We could not be more pleased with this amazing testimonial. Thank you, Ivonne!

Would you like to kickstart your knowledge using TM1py?

Classes run every quarter. Register your interest to join the next class commencing on 3rd November in the Australian and European time zone. 

Head here for more information.

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We are excited to release the Advanced Rules Post Training Insight: Use feeder-less rules 

Feeders can take lots of memory if you work with large cubes.
Learn how to remove feeders to speed up the TM1 server startup time and reduce the size of the cubes or feeders files.

Reach out to if you have any questions.
In an attempt to illustrate our deep passion for IBM Planning Analytics / TM1, our Control CC team asked Cubewisers what was their lightbulb moment.

It’s Luc Cusiel’s turn to share his background and his passion for IBM Planning Analytics. Luc is Cubewise’s Practice Manager for the Netherlands and in this piece he discusses how he came across Planning Analytics, his background and how he sees the future of the product.

Drop him a line in order to see how he can help.

2021 has been a hard year for business. But the plethora of financial and operational challenges companies faced this year also provided plenty of opportunities to reflect, learn, and grow

In the 2022 instalment of Jack’s masterclass series, we’ll take a bird’s eye view at some of the key learnings from our previous masterclasses, as well as the lessons we learned as we navigate the murky waters of FP&A post-COVID-19.

Enroll today on the 6 module Masterclass presented by Jack Alexander

📅 2022 FP&A Masterclass content calendar

– March 17: The Ultimate Value Drivers: Growth and Return on Invested Capital (ROIC)
– April 28: Planning and Analysis for Critical Value Drivers, Part 1: Growth and Profitability
– June 9: Planning and Analysis for Critical Value Drivers, Part 2: Asset Management 
– July 21: Strategic Analysis and Planning
– September 1: The External View: Benchmarking Performance and Competitive analysis
– October 13: Developing Predictive and Analytical Models
A new version of Arc and Slice is now available to download. There are many updates in this version, some of the key highlights include:

– Support for Rollup (User Defined Consolidation)
– Executing your TM1py scripts within Arc
– Introducing the MDX Lab

Try Arc & Slice now!

Arc & Slice are free to download and includes a three-month “no strings attached” trial license.

The Slice team has always been working to push the boundaries with their Slice offering and are excited to announce the new version (v3.3) introduces a brand new way to build Excel reports with IBM Planning Analytics (TM1). They are  calling it the MDX Form.  This particular report is driven by one MDX query making it much faster and more flexible than traditional TM1 Active Forms!
Planning Analytics Workspace

Find out what’s new or changed in the most recent release of IBM® Planning Analytics Workspace. The new features described here always reflect the full capabilities of Planning Analytics Workspace on cloud.
What’s new in books and reporting – 2.0.80
The following new and changed features in books and reporting are available in Planning Analytics Workspace 2.0.80.

What’s new in modeling – 2.0.80
The following new and changed modeling features are available in Planning Analytics Workspace 2.0.80.

Deprecation notices – 2.0.80
The following deprecation notices are applicable to Planning Analytics Workspace 2.0.80.

Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel

Read about what’s new or updated in IBM® Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel.
New look for components in IBM Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel
To provide a consistent user experience across IBM products, certain components in Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel that are shared with IBM Planning Analytics Workspace, have been updated to use Carbon Design principles.

User-Defined Calculations now supported
User-defined calculations (UDCs) are now supported through a new worksheet function called DefineCalc. You can use this function to register or unregister a server-side calculation definition into the IBM Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel add-on.

Known issue – Technology preview status displays for carbon components
Carbon components in Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel 2.0.80 are available for production use. However, the Technology Preview icon still displays in the IBM ribbon when this feature is enabled. This is a known issue and will be fixed in Planning Analytics for Excel 2.0.81.