Aug 1 2022

    Cubewise EDU’s August Newsletter

    Check out what’s happening in the world of IBM Planning Analytics, and harness our focus and enthusiasm to your benefit in one or more ways!

    We are excited to bring back Horizon, the biggest knowledge sharing event dedicated to IBM PA/TM1 that comes around once every year for the community!

    • As we follow the sun over 24 hours, get a global perspective on the latest developments
    • Over a hundred live presentations where you can engage with the expert
    • Customer Case Studies, Tips & Tricks, IBM Keynotes and Product Insights from experts from all parts of the globe
    • Presentations in multiple languages

    PLUS! We are complementing Horizon with in-person events in Melbourne and Sydney.

    • Deep dive into topics from Horizon in an intimate setting
    • Workshop topics you want to know more about
    • Gain hands-on experience in mini-training sessions to learn about a product
    • Network with your peers.

    When will the online and in-person conference be held?

    Horizon, Tue 18th October at 9:00am AEDT
    Horizon Sydney, Tue 25th October at 9:00am
    Horizon Melbourne, Thu 27th October at 9:00am

    What can I access with each ticket?

    There are two ticket tiers for Horizon:

    Horizon Free Online Pass
    – Access to pre-selected English presentations
    – Access to all non-English presentations

    Horizon Online Pass
    – Access to all presentations (Excludes the in-person conference)
    – Watch recorded sessions on demand
    – Access to the Video Hub, to catch up on recorded sessions that are transcribed for easy discovery

    For Horizon Sydney/Melbourne, there is only one ticket. The good news? This pass includes the Horizon Online Pass!

    How much are the tickets?

    The Super Early Bird price for:

    Horizon is USD200 (standard price is USD250)
    Horizon Sydney/Melbourne is AUD800 (standard price is AUD 1000)

    The super early bird price is valid till 31st August, so head over to our website to find out more information and register your attendance.

    More details on the agenda will be revealed soon, follow us on LinkedIn to get the latest news on the conference.

    Reach out to if you have any questions. 

    Our Horizon presentation of the month is … Inspiring The Next Generation: Student Internship with TM1 & TM1py 🎉🎉🎉

    We collaborated with the Institute for Financial and Actuarial Mathematics at the University of Liverpool by teaching and preparing a TM1 model with real-world cohort data for students to analyse and explain findings based on recruitment and retention.

    Learn about the student’s experiences, discoveries and our partnership with the University of Liverpool with this Horizon presentation from last year.

    Classes run bi-monthly in Australia and every quarter in Europe.
    Next online classroom commences on 6th September, in the Australian time zone.

    🌏 Australian Time Zone: 9:00am to 5:00pm AEST

    Sep 6 – End User (PAW)
    Sep 7 – Apliqo UX Fundamentals
    Sep 8 – End User (Perspectives)
    Sep 8 – End User (PA for Excel)
    Sep 9 – Developer Fundamentals
    Sep 12 – Pulse Fundamentals
    Sep 13 – Advanced Rules
    Sep 20 – Advanced TurboIntegrator
    Sep 21 – Advanced Reporting (PA for Excel)
    Sep 21 – Advanced Reporting (Perspectives)
    Sep 22 – Advanced MDX

    Looking to upskill in more than one course? Join the Power User Plan and gain access to ALL our courses!

    Email for more information.

    “This training has exceeded my expectation, I knew nothing at all about tm1py and by the end of 4 sessions. I was able to download TM1py, connect to TM1, load data, run a TI process, and add a new element plus the attribute using TM1py script!

    So happy that I registered for this course. Marius Wirtz is really the best TM1py trainer, he always makes sure that all the participants have time to ask questions, and if we are stuck or get an error, he will help us to tackle it during the training session.

    I would highly recommend anyone who wants to learn TM1py from the beginning to join this course!


    Thanks again to the Cubewise training team for organising this.”

    – Ivonne Wijaya, Group Management Accountant at GHD

    We could not be more pleased with this amazing testimonial. Thank you, Ivonne!

    Would you like to kickstart your knowledge using TM1py?

    Classes run every quarter. Register your interest to join the next class commencing on 4th August. Limited spots are available, so get in quick!

    Head here for more information.
    Reach out to for more information.

    We are excited to release the Advanced TurboIntegrator Post Training Insight, AttrPutS, undocumented parameter.

    The IBM server team continues to improve IBM Planning Analytics/TM1 to meet various customer requirements, and sometimes features are developed that aren’t documented. This is one of them.

    Reach out to if you have any questions.

    With the new features IBM continues to add, the number of functions has grown to over 400! A hard task to keep track of, on where each function can be used. 

    Did you know about the Cubewise EDU TM1 Function Dictionary for end-users and developers?

    ✔ Over 400 Excel, Rule and TI functions documented
    ✔ Video Examples on how to use most functions
    ✔ Easily identify where each function can be used
    ✔ Fast search response
    ✔ Mobile friendly
    ✔ For end-users and developers

    Email for more information.

    Manny is a massive part of why we do what we do.

    The team behind the documentary “Beyond the Spreadsheet: The Story of TM1” went ahead and published a 4 part video of the complete interview done with the man himself back in 2017.

    This is a candid, honest, deep dive into the mind of the inventor of TM1.

    In an attempt to illustrate our deep passion for IBM Planning Analytics / TM1, our Control CC team asked Cubewisers what was their lightbulb moment.

    In this episode, Andrea Ludwig, Account Director at Cubewise, discusses her background and the lightbulb moment that made her fall in love with IBM Planning Analytics.

    2021 has been a hard year for business. But the plethora of financial and operational challenges companies faced this year also provided plenty of opportunities to reflect, learn, and grow.

    In the 2022 instalment of Jack’s masterclass series, we’ll take a bird’s eye view at some of the key learnings from our previous masterclasses, as well as the lessons we learned as we navigate the murky waters of FP&A post-COVID-19.

    Enrol today on the 6 module Masterclass presented by Jack Alexander!

    📅 2022 FP&A Masterclass content calendar

    – March 17: The Ultimate Value Drivers: Growth and Return on Invested Capital (ROIC)
    – April 28: Planning and Analysis for Critical Value Drivers, Part 1: Growth and Profitability
    – June 9: Planning and Analysis for Critical Value Drivers, Part 2: Asset Management
    – July 21: Strategic Analysis and Planning
    – September 1: The External View: Benchmarking Performance and Competitive analysis
    – October 13: Developing Predictive and Analytical Models

    Towards the end of 2018, the Code team published a post sharing that there were over 100 IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) developers using Arc to build their applications. At the time we were very excited about the early momentum we were seeing and we couldn’t wait to see where things would go from there.

    Fast forward to mid-2022 and we now have over 500 TM1 developers who are active users of Arc. It’s staggering to see how things have grown and we are immensely grateful for the positive support we have received from the community.

    400+ Enhancements and 30+ Releases

    Since the first official release of Arc in 2018, the team has consistently delivered on several new features requested by our users.

    Read this blog to find out:

    – The main milestones over the years
    – Testimonials
    – The full list of features by releases
    – How to download the software. It is absolutely free to download and comes with a 3-month no-strings-attached trial license!

    In most TM1py scripts it is necessary to query cube data from TM1. Usually, TM1py scripts are also parametrised. For instance, a timeseries forecasting script must work for any given region and product element.

    So TM1py scripts must be capable of querying TM1 data dynamically based on passed parameters.

    The best way to accomplish this is to use MDX with MDXpy.

    If you tap into any current conversation about the global economy you’ll likely hear people talking about inflation. It’s the talk of the town – and for good reason. For decades, concerns about inflation were muted as we enjoyed one of the longest bull markets that we’ve seen in the modern era. But in 2022, it quickly became one of the most significant risks facing – as a result of the dramatic stimulus injected into local economies during the COVID-19 pandemic, continuing supply chain challenges, and a rapidly rising oil price.

    Companies of all kinds are now scrambling to understand what it means for their business and how they can work through the challenges to maintain profitability, look after their customers, and hedge against the risk that longer-term inflation poses to their industry. It’s here that FP&A tools can prove so useful as a barometer for the current state of a company, and as a powerful asset for planning and forecasting things going forward.

    Pulse 6 brings more flexibility and data capabilities to IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) administrators and developers of all kinds. We’ve been so excited to see how it is changing the way that our users interact with their organization’s data and in truth, there is so much more value to be unlocked as you start to delve deep into what the application is capable of.

    Pulse 6 comes with the open-source version of Elasticsearch and Kibana already integrated into the application.

    Planning Analytics Workspace

    Find out what’s new or changed in the most recent release of IBM® Planning Analytics Workspace. The new features described here always reflect the full capabilities of Planning Analytics Workspace on cloud.

    Important: The July 13, 2022 update includes only Planning Analytics Workspace Local 2.0.78. The Planning Analytics Workspace Cloud 2.0.78 update was targeted for July 19, 2022.

    Rules must now be created and maintained on a modeling workbench
    As of Planning Analytics Workspace 2.0.78, rules must be created and edited on a modeling workbench.

    New experience view now on modeling workbench
    The new experience view (or exploration) and new set editor are now available on the modeling workbench. Along with an improved look and feel, this new experience interface has several usability improvements and enhancements. Until now, the new experience interface was only available in Planning Analytics Workspace books.

    Approvals and Rejections in Plans
    Approvals and rejections are now available in the plans submission process. In addition, improvements to email notifications and the overall submission process make it easier to work with plans.

    Reset password for Remote Desktop user accounts (Cloud only)
    Subscription administrators can now reset passwords for Remote Desktop user accounts from the new Welcome Kit settings page under Administration. Password reset can be done for a specific or all Remote Desktop users in an environment.

    Updated menus for rows, columns, and data cells in views
    As part of the ongoing effort to standardize the Planning Analytics Workspace user experience, the menus for rows, columns, and data cells in the new experience view are now updated.

    Adjust page size in books
    You can now adjust page size in books with the new zoom feature. Select a preset size to see your content at that magnification level. You can also resize the page view to fit the page or fit to width of your window. In both cases, the page size is responsive and automatically adjusts to fit the page or window when you resize your window.

    Enhanced data format feature
    An enhancement to the data format feature in views now lets you quickly see the data format that was applied on a row, column, or an entire view.

    Open set editor for a benched dimension
    In new experience views (or explorations), you can now open the set editor for dimensions that are on the bench.

    Provide a direct path to a Planning Analytics Workspace folder
    You can now share a URL to your tabs that are labeled: Shared, Personal, Favorites, and Recents. You can also share a URL to provide a direct path to a folder within your tabs.

    Update to Planning Analytics Workspace Local installation on Windows Server 2016
    In Planning Analytics Workspace Local version 2.0.78 and later, the Docker service file is no longer bundled with the installation kit. In previous versions, Docker is a prerequisite for installing Planning Analytics Workspace Local on Windows Server 2016.

    Enable email notifications in Planning Analytics Workspace Local
    Planning Analytics Workspace Local now supports both SMTP and SendGrid email services.

    Deprecation notice – process editor to be removed from books, available only on workbenches as of Planning Analytics Workspace 2.0.79
    Starting with Planning Analytics Workspace 2.0.79, processes must be created and edited on a modeling workbench.

    Deprecation notice for IBM Planning Analytics Workspace Classic experience
    The IBM Planning Analytics team intends to remove the capability to remain on Planning Analytics Workspace Classic and preview the Planning Analytics Workspace new experience as part of the Planning Analytics Workspace 2.0.79 update in August 2022.

    Known issues
    The following are known issues in Planning Analytics Workspace. These issues will be resolved in a future release.

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