Aug 26 2019

    Why I love TM1 and Planning Analytics from Anne-Marie Rodd

    Profile on Anne-Marie Rodd, Senior Analyst, Business Intelligence


    Anne-Marie Rodd started working with TM1 as a consultant in 1998, 20 years ago! She has also been an end user with other OLAP products for few years prior to that too. Recently, Anne-Marie has achieved the TM1 Developer Credential. The credential is a practical assessment for individuals to independently verify their developer knowledge and skills in TM1 which was developed by Cubewise EDU and partnered with DeakinCo. This year, Anne-Marie shared her experiences on automating the Griffith University monthly management reporting with the TM1 community at our TM1 and Planning Analytics User Conference in Sydney 2018.

    I got in touch with Anne-Marie to find out what makes her such a passionate TM1 Developer and why she loves TM1.

    What motivated you to get into TM1? How did you become a TM1 Developer?

    I was at a CPA conference 20 years ago, where TM1 was presented. I knew that it was the product for me. I approached the presenter during the break and gave him my resume. I started as a TM1 consultant a few weeks later. Training was provided on the job in version 6.0.

    What was your professional background before getting into TM1?

    I am an accountant that loves spreadsheets! I saw my employer’s OLAP consultant building cool models and absorbed as much information as I could to go out and do the same.

    When did you get your first light bulb moment using TM1?

    My previous OLAP experience was with a product that stored calculations, and took hours to refresh. When I saw the ability of TM1 and how it could calculate changes on the fly, and seeing Excel as a front end which I was already so familiar and comfortable with was my first light bulb moment.

    What features of TM1 attract you more than others?

    The power of TurboIntegrator is my favourite TM1 feature. I remember the limited functionality we had for transforming data when working back in version 6.0. We are spoilt for options now. I am looking forward to harnessing alternate hierarchies in all of our current and future models.

    Share a memorable project/technical achievement in TM1

    One of my favourite projects was at Bristol Myers Squibb in New Jersey. I was the lead developer on a budgeting tool for marketing proposals. It was a multi-stage project that relied heavily on its Excel front end. I automated workflow using VBA and built my own drill down and up functionality in Excel before it was an option in native TM1. The team presented the system to the US TM1 annual conference that year.

    What advice would you give to those who want to become TM1 Developers?

    If you want to be in a niche market working with a product that has continually improved and increased in functionality year after year, then TM1 development is the space for you.  Training courses can only take you so far with TM1; hands on practice practice practice is the way to learn and improve.

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