Developer Pathway

Learn all the developer tools needed to build a model in IBM Planning Analytics covering writing business logic, importing data from an SQL database and enhancing the TM1 model with TM1py to take advantage of Python’s ever-growing packages like infusing AI and forecasting algorithms.

The Developer Pathway includes these courses:

Complete the End User Pathway

Before commencing the Developer Pathway, you must complete the End User Pathway that teaches how to utilise the IBM Planning Analytics’s interface for Excel and Workspace. This pathway includes the End User (Excel), Advanced Reporting (Excel), End User (PAW) and End User MDX (PAW) course.

      Developer Fundamentals

      This is the first course for those who want to be a Developer. The Developer Fundamentals course will teach the tools needed for dimension building, cube design, data loading and writing business logic. This course will also benefit end users who want to understand the logic used to develop themodel for transparency and integrity.

          Advanced Rules

          This course is a deep dive into writing Rules, a formula-driven language that applies business logic to Cubes. By the end of this course, you will gain more confidence in writing arithmetic formulas to formulas with multi-cube logic. You will also learn why the TM1 Server is appreciated for its ability to handle data sparsity and how to manage this powerful feature.

              Advanced TurboIntegrator

              This course is a deep dive into utilising the TurboIntegrator (TI), a tool for importing data, manipulating objects like dimensions and modifying data to apply business logic. By the end of this course, you will gain more confidence in utilising TI on the TM1 Server.

                  Advanced MDX

                  This course is a deep dive into MDX (MultiDimension eXpression), a language used to query the TM1 Server for extracting data and structure. Understanding how to read and write MDX will enable you to enhance Excel reports beyond the standard Dynamic Report export. It would also put you on the right step to learning TM1py since understanding MDX is fundamental.

                      TM1py Fundamentals

                      TM1py helps to bridge external systems to IBM Planning Analytics (PA) through the power of Python. Python has an ever-growing package collection that can be used to enhance IBM PA, like infusing AI and forecasting algorithms into the planning cycle to reduce time and costs. This course will equip you with the fundamentals to take advantage of Python using TM1py.

                          Pulse Fundamentals

                          Pulse is an application lifecycle management software for IBM Planning Analytics with many features to monitor the TM1 Server. To ensure you get the most out of Pulse, this course will teach you the most advanced features to keep your server in peak condition.

                              Apliqo UX – Apliqo Certified Professional

                              Apliqo UX is a platform that transforms IBM Planning Analytics into a visual masterpiece and allows you to collaborate efficiently through notifications. UX has sophisticated templates for reporting, planning, and analysis to visualize information dynamically and communicate the results to all stakeholders, regardless of device.

                                  Apliqo UPM – Apliqo Certified Professional

                                  Apliqo UPM (Unified Performance Management) is a suite of software solutions that offers functional excellence in strategic performance, financial performance, operational performance and financial consolidation while providing sophisticated integrations that allow for true holistic business planning and performance management. This certification focuses on the proficiency of Apliqo C&C and Apliqo FPM.

                                      The Power User Membership gives you full access to our course library so that you can complete the End User and Developer pathway and continue to improve your professional knowledge over 12 months.

                                      The membership includes:

                                      Access to the Standard Online Pass to Horizon

                                      Horizon is the biggest conference where consultants, companies and IBM from around the world will share their invaluable insights on IBM Planning Analytics so that you can gain knowledge to apply back in your workplace.

                                          Access to the Video Hub

                                          The Video Hub contains hundreds of videos from experts who have shared their knowledge so that you can find new light bulb moments. The best feature of this platform is that the audio has been transcribed, so it is even easier to find the content you are after.

                                              Access to the Community Hub

                                              The Community Hub assists with your professional development with a news feed dedicated to IBM Planning Analytics to stay up to date with the latest information, additional training insights and events with experts.

                                                  Access to All Courses

                                                  Enrol in any of our end user and developer courses covering report building in Excel, developing cubes, writing business logic, importing data from an external source and Python scripting.