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TM1 Function for TI – ​CellPutN

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CellPutN writes a numeric value to a cube cell.


CellPutN(value, Cube, e1, e2 [,…, en])

Value = numeric value to be send to the cube

Numeric value can be a direct number from a source file or result of any numeric calculations or reference to a numeric value within the same cube or any other cube in the instance for e.g. an assumptions cube etc

Cube = Cube Name to write the value to

e1,e2….en = Dimension element names determining the data point within the cube to be retrieved. The sequence of the element arguments should match to the order of the dimension in the cube.

Note: This function will replace an existing value in the cube cell and not add/deduct from it, for which we need to use the function CellIncrementN .

Video Demo

There are two demos on the Product Scorecard cube:

  1. Spread 10,000 to Bikes, that contain no values
  2. Spread 3,500,000 to Accessories, that has values