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TM1 Function for TI – ​​CreateHierarchyByAttribute

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CreateHierarchyByAttribute creates a hierarchy composed of three levels. The lowest level is the N element, the first parent is a given attribute, and the top level is given by a parameter. The new hierarchy will have the same name as the given attribute.



DimensionName = Name of the dimension to create a new hierarchy.

AttributeName = Name of the attribute to be used as middle level of the new hierarchy. The AttributeName also names the new hierarchy.

EmptyParentName = Name of the middle level parent when a N Level element does not have a value for the parameter ‘AttributeName’. If this parameter is left blank, TM1 will insert the N Level element in the TopLevel element.

RootName = Name of the TopLevel element to be added to the new hierarchy.

Video Demo

Use CreateHierarchyByAttribute to create a hierarchy for the Employee dimension.