TM1 Function for TI, HierarchyElementDeleteDirect

Deletes a member element of a specific hierarchy in a dimension.

What is the HierarchyElementDeleteDirect function?

HierarchyElementDeleteDirectĀ deletes a member element of a specific hierarchy in a dimension.Ā This function is actioned immediately.Ā  ToĀ action this function until the process makes a commitment (e.g.Ā at the end of executing the metadata tab), useĀ HierarchyElementDelete.

Where can the HierarchyElementDeleteDirect function be used?


What is the syntax for HierarchyElementDeleteDirect?

HierarchyElementDeleteDirect(DimName,Ā HierName,Ā ElName)ā€‹;

ā€‹DimNameĀ = Dimension Nameā€‹
HierNameĀ = Hierarchy Nameā€‹
ElNameĀ = Element Name

A demonstration on how to use HierarchyElementDeleteDirect

DeleteĀ NetherlandsĀ fromĀ BeneluxĀ consolidation inĀ Western EuropeĀ hierarchy from theĀ Sales RegionĀ dimension.