DBRW function for IBM Planning Analytics (TM1)

The DBRW serves as a fundamental tool for interacting with multidimensional data cubes on IBM Planning Analytics (TM1), enabling precise retrieval and modification of data within the context of financial planning, analysis and reporting. This function is used directly in Excel, enabling users to create dynamic and interactive reports and input templates.

This formula, along with related functions like DBR and DBS, plays a crucial role in leveraging the power of IBM Planning Analytics (IBM’s solution for business analytics) for dynamic business insights and decision-making.

Where can the DBRW function be used?


      Which TM1 Server version is the DBRW function available for?

      Version 11 and 12

          What is the syntax for DBRW?

          DBRW(TM1ServerName:CubeName, Element1, Element2, Element3, …, ElementN)

          • TM1ServerName = Name of the TM1 Server
          • CubeName = Name of the Cube
          • Element1 to ElementN = An element in each dimension from the Cube. Each element must be ordered based on the dimension of the Cube.